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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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when, lo, to his astonishment he found he was holding in his arms not a bird but the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
' You need not fear Militza,' said the beautiful girl, looking at the Prince with friendly eyes. (An evil magician has not robbed you of your fruit, but he stole the seed from my mother, and thereby caused her death. When she was dying she bade me take the fruit, which you have no right to possess, from the trees every year as soon as it was ripe. This I would have done to-night too, if
you had not seized me with such force, and so broken the spell I was under.'
Iwanich, who had been prepared to meet a terrible magician and not a lovely girl, fell desperately in love with her. They spent the rest of the night in pleasant conversation, and when Militza wished to go away he begged her not to leave him.
' I would gladly stay with you longer,' said Militza, ' but a wicked witch once cut off a lock of my hair when I was asleep; which has put me in her power, and if morning were still to find me here she would do me some harm, and you, too, perhaps.'
Having said these words, she drew a sparkling diamond ring
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