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Iwanich was so startled that he could hardly reply, but the little man continued: ' I am most grateful to you for your kind­ness ; what can I give you as a reward ? '
' All I ask,' replied Iwanich, ' is, that I should be allowed to go through this wood in safety.'
' Most certainly,' answered the little man; ' and for greater security I will give you one of my lions as a protector. But when you leave this wood and come near a palace which does not belong to my domain, let the lion go, in order that he may not fall into the hands of an enemy and be killed.'
With these words he loosened the lion from his beard and bade the beast guard the youth carefully.
"With this new protector Iwanich wandered on through the forest, and though he came upon a great many more wolves, hyenas, leopards, and other wild beasts, they always kept at a respectful distance when they saw what sort of an escort the Prince had with him.
Iwanich hurried through the wood as quickly as his legs would carry him, but, nevertheless, hour after hour went by and not a trace of a green field or a human habitation met his eyes. At
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