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saved them from a cruel death; and they took counsel together as to how they should help him. And Schurka growled, and was of opinion that he woidd like to tear everyone in pieces; but Waska purred meditatively, and scratched the back of her ear with a velvet paw, and remained lost in thought. At the end of a few minutes she had made up her mind, and, turning to Schurka, said : 'Let us go together into the town, and the moment we meet a baker you must make a rush between his legs and upset the tray
Schurka upsets the baker
from off his head; T will lay hold of the mils, and will carry them off to our master.' No sooner said than done. Together the two faithful creatures trotted off into the town, and very soon tin \ met a baker bearing a tray on his head, and looking round on all sides, while he cried :
' Fresh rolls, sweet cake,
Fancy bread of every kind. Come and buy, come and take, Sure you'll find it to your mind.'
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