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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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Away his magic ring. You must get it away from her at whatever cost; do you hear ? Till you have done this I won't take my claws out of your fur.'
' Good !' replied the mouse ; ' I will do what you ask.' And, so saying, he summoned all the mice in his kingdom together. A countless number of mice, small and big, brown and grey, assembled, and formed a circle round their king, who was a prisoner under
Waska'a claws. Turning to them he said: 'Dear and faithful subjects, who ever among you will steal the magic ring from the strange Princess will release me from a cruel death; and I shall honour him above all the other mice in tin- kingdom.'
Instantly a tiny mouse stepped forward and said : ' I often creep about the Princess's bedroom at night, and I have noticed that she has a ring which she treasures as the apple of her eyo. All day
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