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rooted to the spot. Then the King sent his chief counsellors, and they too were transfixed with wonder. At last the King came himself, and lie likewise was spellbound by the beauty of the music.
Then Martin summoned the twelve youths, spoke to them, saying, ' Build up my castle again, and join it to the King's Palaco with a crystal bridge ; do not forget the trees with the golden and silver apples, and with the birds of Paradise in the branches ; and put back the church with the five cupolas, and let the bells ring out, summoning the people from the four corners of the kingdom. And one thing more : bring back my faithless wife, and lead her into the women's chamber.'
And it was all done as he commanded, and, leaving the Starva­tion Tower, he took the King, his father-in-law, by the arm, and led him into the new palace, where the Princess sat in fear and trembling, awaiting her death. And Martin spoke to the King, saying, ' King and royal father, I have suffered much at the hands of your daughter. "What punishment shall be dealt to her ? '
Then the mild King answered :' Beloved Prince and son-in-law, if you love me, let your anger be turned to grace—forgive my daughter, and restore her to your heart and favour.'
And Martin's heart was softened and he forgave his wife, and they lived happily together ever after. And his old mother came and lived with him, and he never parted with Schurka and Waska ; and I need hardly tell you that he never again let the ring out of his possession.
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