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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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co-day in looking after my mare, and as a reward you shall come to my ball to-night.' She gave him at the same time a cloak made of copper, and led him to a big room where several young he-dragons and she-dragons were dancing together. Here, too, was the Flower Queen's beautiful daughter. Her dress was woven out of the most lovely flowers in the world, and her complexion was like lilies and
roses. As the Prince was dancing with her he managed to whisper in her cur, lI have come to set you i'wc !'
Then the beautiful girl said to him, 'If you Bucceed in bringing the mare back safely the third day, ask the Mother Dragon to give you a foal of the mare as a reward.'
The ball came to an end at midnight, and early next niuriiiiig
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