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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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me ; we can rest for a little and have something to eat. Give me what you have got in your satchel.'
Now, the poor Simpleton was ashamed to show what was in it. However, he thought it best not to make a fuss, so he opened the satchel, and could scarcely believe his own eyes, for, instead of the hard crust, he saw two beautiful fresh rolls and some cold meat. He shared them with the manikin, who licked his lips and said:
' Now, go into tliat wood, and stop in front of the first tree, bow three times, and then strike the tree with your axe, fall on your knees on the ground, with your face on the earth, and remain there
till you are raised up. You will then find a ship at your side, step into it and fly to the King's Palace. If you meet anyone on tho way, take him with you.'
Tho Simpleton thanked tho manikin very kindly, bade him farewell, and went into the road. "When ho got to the first tree ho stopped in front of it, did everything just as ho had been told, and, kneeling on tho ground with his face to the earth, fell asleep. After a little time he was aroused; he awoke and, rubRING his eyes, saw a ready-made ship at his side, and at once got into it. And tho ship rose and rose, and in another minute was flying through the air, when the Simpleton, who was on the look-out, cast his eyes
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