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down to the earth and saw a man beneath him on the road, who was kneeling with his ear upon the damp ground.
( Hallo ! ' he called out, ' what are you doing down there ? '
'I am listening to what is going on in the world,' replied the man.
' Come with me in my ship,' said the Simpleton.
So the man was only too glad, and got in beside him ; and the ship flew, and flew, and flew through the air, till again from his outlook the Simpleton saw a man on the road below, who was hopping on one leg, while his other leg was tied up behind his ear. So he hailed him, calling out:
' Hallo ! what are you doing, hopping on one leg ? '
(I can't help it,' replied the man. '1 walk so fast that unless I tied up one leg I should be at the end of the earth in a bound.'
' Come with us on my ship,' he answered; and the man made no objections, but joined them ; and the ship flew on, and on, and on, till suddenly the Simpleton, looking down on the road below, beheld a man aiming with a gun into the distance.
' Hallo !' he shouted to him, ' what are you aiming at ? As far as eye can see, there is no bird in sight.'
' What would be the good of my taking a near shot ? ' replied the man ; ' I can hit beast or bird at a hundred miles' distance. That is the kind of shot I enjoy.'
' Come into the ship with us,' answered the Simpleton; and the man was only too glad to join them, and he got in ; and the ship flew on, farther and farther, till again the Simpleton from his out­look saw a man on the road below, carrying on his back a basket full of bread. And he waved to him, calling out:
' Hallo ! where are you going ? '
' To fetch bread for my breakfast.'
'Bread ? Why, you have got a whole basket-load of it on your back.'
' That's nothing,' answered the man ; ' I should finish that in one mouthful.'
' Come along with us in my ship, then.'
And so the glutton joined the party, and the ship mounted again into the air, and flew up and onward, till the Simpleton from his outlook saw a man walking by the shore of a great lake, and evidently looking for something.
' Hallo !' he cried to him,' what are you seeking ?
i I want water to drink, I'm so thirsty,' replied the man.
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