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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Well, there's a whole lake in front of you ; why don't you drink some of that ? '
' Do you call that enough ? ' answered the other. ' Why, I should
drink it up in one gulp.'
' Well, come with us in the ship.'
And so the mighty drinker was added to the company; and the ship flew farther, and even farther, till again the Simpleton looked
The comrades in the flying ship meet the drinker
out, and this time he saw a man dragging a bundle of wood, walking through the forest beneath them.
'Hallo!' he shouted to him, 'why are you carrying wood through a forest ? '
'This is not common wood.' answered the other.
' What sort of wood is it, then ? ' said the Simpleton.
'If you throw it upon the ground,' said the man, ' it will bo changed into an army of soldiers.'
' Come into the ship with us, then.'
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