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THE STORY OF KING FROST                   211
Then the old woman tried to coax the doggie with more pan­cakes and to terrify it with blows, but he barked on, always repeating the same words. And suddenly the door creaked and flew open, and a great heavy chest was pushed in, and behind it came the step-daughter, radiant and beautiful, in a dress all glittering with silver and gold. For a moment the step-mother's eyes were dazzled. Then she called to her husband : ' Old man, yoke
the horses at once into the sledge, and take my daughter to tho same field and leave her on tho same spot exactly;' and so the old man took the girl and left her beneath the same tree where he had parted from his daughter. In a few minutes King Frost came past, and, looking at the girl, he said:
' Are you warm, maiden ? '
' What a blind old fool you must be to ask such a question I ' she
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