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212                   THE STORY OF KING FROST
answered angrily. ( Can't you see that my hands and feet are nearly frozen ? '
Then King Frost sprang to and fro in front of her, questioning her, and getting only rude, rough words in reply, till at last he got very angry, and cracked his fingers, and gnashed his teeth, and froze her to death.
But in the hut her mother was waiting for her return, and as she grew impatient she said to her husband : ( Get out the horses, old man, to go and fetch her home; but see that you are careful not to upset the sledge and lose the chest.'
But the doggie beneath the table began to bark, saying:
' Your daughter is frozen quite stiff and cold, And shall never have a chest full of gold.'
' Don't tell such wicked lies !' scolded the woman. ' There's a cake for you ; now say:
" Her daughter shall marry a mighty King."
At that moment the door flew open, and she rushed out to meet her daughter, and as she took her frozen body in her arms she too was chilled to death.
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