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I N a certain village there lived two people who had both the same name. Both were called Klaus, but one owned four horses and the other only one. In order to distinguish the one from the other, the one who had four horses was called Big Klaus, and the one who had only one horse, Little Klaus. Now you shall heai what befell them both, for this is a true story.
The whole week through Little Klaus had to plough for Big Klaus, and lend him his one horse; then Big Klaus lent him his four horses, but only once a week, and that was on Sunday. Hurrah ! how loudly Little Klaus cracked his whip over all the five horses ! for they were indeed as good as his on this one day. The sun shone brightly, and all the bells in the church-towers were pealing; the people were dressed in their best clothes, and were going to church, with their hymn-books under their arms, to hear the minister preach. They saw Little Klaus ploughing with the five horses ; but he was so happy that he kept on cracking his whip, and calling out ' Gee-up, my five horses ! '
' You mustn't say that,' said Big Klaus. ' Only one horse is yours.'
But as soon as someone else was going by Little Klaus forgot that he must not say it, and called out ' Gee-up, my live horses I '
' Now you had better stop that,' said Big Klaus, ' for if you say it once more I will give your horse such a crack on the head that it will drop down dead on the spot!'
' I really won't say it again ! ' said Little Klaus. But as soon as more people passed by, and nodded him good-morning, he became so happy in thinking how well it looked to have five horses ploughing his field that, cracking his whip, he called out ' Gee-up, my five horses !'
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