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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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seized their yard measures and the tanners their leathern aprons and they gave Big Klaus a good beating. ' Skins! skins!' they cried mockingly; yes, we will tan your skin for you ! Out of the town with him !' they shouted; and Big Klaus had to hurry off as quickly as he could, if he wanted to save his life.
' Aha ! ' said he when he came home, ' Little Klaus shall pay dearly lor this. I will kill him!'
The shoemakers and tanners drive Big Klaus out of the town
Little Klaus1 grandmother had just died. Though she had been very unkind to him, lie was very much distressed, and ho took the dead woman and laid her in his warm bed to try if ho could not bring her back to life. There sbe lay the whole night,
while he sat in the corner and slept on a chair, which he bud often done before. And in the night as he sat there the door opened, and Big Kbms came in with his axe. lie knew quite well when1 Little Klaus's bed stood, and e;oin^ up to it lie struck the grandmother on the head just where he thought Little Klaus would be. ' There I'
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