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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' What's this ? ' said Big Klaus. ( Didn't I kill him ? I must see to this myself! '
So he went himself to Little Klaus with the measure.
' Well, now, where did you get all this money ? ' asked he, opening his eyes at the heap.
' You killed my grandmotherónot me,' said Little Klaus. ' I sold her, and got a bushel of money for her.'
'That is indeed a good price ! ' said Big Klaus; and, hurrying home, he took an axe and killed his grandmother, laid her in the cart, and drove off to the apothecary's, and asked whether he wanted to buy a dead body.
' Who is it, and how did you get it ? ' asked the apothecary.
' It is my grandmother,' said Big Klaus. ' I killed her in order to get a bushel of money.'
' You are mad ! ' said the apothecary. ' Don't mention such things, or you will lose your head ! ' And he began to tell him what a dreadful thing he had done, and what a wicked man he was, and that he ought to be punished; till Big Klaus was so frightened that he jumped into the cart and drove home as hard as he could. The apothecary and all the people thought he must bemad, so they let him go.
' You shall pay for this ! ' said Big Klaus as he drove home. 'You shall pay for this dearly, Little Klaus ! '
So as soon as he got home he took the largest sack he could find, and went to Little Klaus and said: 'You have fooled me again ! First I killed my horses, then my grandmother! It is all your fault; but you shaVt do it again ! ' And he seized Little Klaus, pushed him in the sack, threw it over his shoulder, crying out ' Now I am going to drown you !'
He had to go a long way before he came to the river, and Little Klaus was not very light. The road passed by the church ; the organ was sounding, and the people were singing most beautifully. Big Klaus put down the sack with Little Klaus in it by the church-door, and thought that he might as well go in and hear a psalm before going on farther. Little Klaus could not got out, and every≠body was in church ; so he went in.
'Oh, dear! oh, dear!' groaned Little Klaus in the sack, twisting and turning himself. But he could not undo the Btring,
There came by an old, old shepherd, with snow-white hair and a long staff in his hand. He was driving a herd of cows and oxen. These pushed against the sack so that it was overturned.
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