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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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( Oh, you're a lucky fellow !' said Big Klaus. ' Do you think I should also get some cattle if I went to the bottom of the river ?'
' Oh, yes I I think so,' said Little Klaus. ' But I can't carry you in a sack to the river; you are too heavy for me ! If you like to go there yourself and then creep into the sack, I will throw you in with the greatest of pleasure.'
' Thank you,' said Big Klaus ; 'but if I don't get any sea-cattle when I come there, you will have a good hiding, mind! '
' Oh, no ! Don't be so hard on me !' Then they went to the river. When the cattle, which were thirsty, caught sight of the water, they ran as quickly as they could to drink.
' Look how they are running!' said Little Klaus. ' They want to go to the bottom again !'
' Yes ; but help me first,' said Big Klaus, ' or else you shall have a beating!'
And so he crept into the large sack, which was lying on the back of one of the oxen. ' Put a stone in, for I am afraid I may not reach the bottom,' said Big Klaus.
' It goes all right!' said Little Klaus ; but still he laid a big stone in the sack, fastened it up tight, and then pushed it in. Plump! there was Big Klaus in the water, and he sank like lead to the bottom.
' I doubt if he will find any cattle I' said Little Klaus as he drove his own home.
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