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it; but Snati said, ' Throw it on my back,' which he accordingly did, and the Dog then ran on before the Prince, until they came to the foot of a steep cliff.
' We must go up here,' said Snati.
'I don't think that will be child's play,' said the Prince.
' Hold fast by my tail,' said Snati; and in this way he pulled Ring up on the lowest shelf of the rock. The Prince began to get giddy, but up went Snati on to the second shelf. Ring wras nearly swooning by this time, but Snati made a third effort and reached the top of the cliff, where the Prince fell down in a faint. After a little, how­ever, he recovered again, and they went a short distance along a leve! plain, until they came to a cave. This was on Christmas Eve. They wrent up above the cave, and found a window in it, through which they looked, and saw four trolls lying asleep beside the fire, over which a large porridge-pot was hanging.
' Now you must empty all the salt into the por­ridge-pot,' said Snati.
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