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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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was rich indeed. He put the dog back upon the chest, shut the door, and then called up through the tree:
' Now pull me up again, old Witch !'
- Have you got the tinder-box also ? ' asked the Witch.
' Botheration! ' said the Soldier, ' I had clean forgotten it! ' And then he went back and fetched it.
The Witch pulled him up, and there he stood again on the high road, with pockets, knapsack, cap and boots filled with gold.
' What do you want to do with the tinder-box ?' asked the Soldier.
' That doesn't matter to you,'replied the Witch. 'You have got your money, give me my tinder-box.'
' We'll see !' said the Soldier. l Tell me at once what you want to do with it, or I will draw my sword, and cut oil your head ! '
' No ! ' screamed the Witch.
The Soldier immediately cut off her head. That was the end of her! But he tied up all his gold in her apron, slang it like a
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