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a pretty kind of tinder-box, if I can get whatever I want like this. Get me money !' he cried to the dog, and hey, presto! he was off and back again, holding a great purse full of money in his mouth.
Now the Soldier knew what a capital tinder-box this was. If ho rubbed once, the dog that sat on the chest of copper appeared; if he rubbed twice, there came the dog that watched over the silver chest; and if he rubbed three times, the one that guarded the gold appeared. Now, the Soldier went down again to his beautiful rooms, and appeared once more in splendid clothes. All his friends immediately recognised him again, and paid him great court-One day he thought to himself: ' It is very strange that no one
can get to see the Princess. They all say she is very pretty, but what's the use of that if she has to sit for ever in the great copper castle with all the towers ? Can I not manage to see her somehow ? Where is my tinder-box ?' and so ho struck a spark, ami, presto ! there came the dog with eyes as largo as saucers.
' It is the middle of the night, I know,' said the Soldier; ' but I should very much like to see the Princess for a moment.'
The dog was already outside the door, and before the Soldier could look round, in he came with the Princess. She was lying asleep on the dog's back, and was so beautiful that anyone could see she was a real Princess. The Soldier really could not refrain
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