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he never came; no doubt he had flown away far into the great green wood.
By the autumn Thumbelina had finished the dowry.
'In four weeks you will be married! ' said the field-mouse: ' don't be obstinate, or I shall bite you with my sharp white teeth ! You will get a fine husband ! The King himself has not such a velvet coat. His store-room and cellar are full, and you should be thankful for that.'
"Well, the wedding-day arrived. The mole had come to fetch Thumbelina to live with him deep down under the ground, never to
come out into the warm sun again, for that was what he didn't like. The poor little girl was very sad; for now she must say good-bye to the beautiful sun.
'Farewell, bright sun!' she cried, Btretching out her arms towards it, and taking another step outside the house; for now the corn had been reaped, and only the dry stubble was left standing. 'Farewell, farewell ! ' she said, and put her anus round a little red flower that grew there. ' Give my love to the dear swallow when you see him ! '
' Tweet, tweet! ' sounded in her ear all at once. She looked up. There was the swallow flying past! As soon as he saw Thumbelina, he was very glad. She told him how unwilling she was to marry
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