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to him of comfort and hope. And as she sang the blood flowed quicker and quicker in the Emperor's weak limbs, and life began to return.
' Thank you, thank you !' said the Emperor. ' You divine little bird! I know you. I chased you from my kingdom, and you have given me life again ! How can I reward you ? '
' You have done that already !' said the Nightingale. ' I brought tears to your eyes the first time I sang. I shall never forget that. They are jewels that rejoice a singer's heart. But now sleep and get strong again; I will sing you a lullaby.' And the Emperor fell into a deep, calm sleep as she sang.
The true Nightingale sings to the Emperor
The sun was shining through the window when he awoke, strong and well. None of his servants had come back yet, for they thought he was dead. But the Nightingale sat and sang to him.
' You must always stay with me ! ' said the Emperor. ( You shall sing whenever you like, and I will break the artificial bird into a thousand pieces.'
' Don't do that I1 said the Nightingale. 'He did his work as long as he could. Keep him as you have done! I cannot build my nest in the Falace and live here; but let me come whenever I like. I will sit in the evening on the bough outside the window, and I will sing you something that will make you feel happy and grateful, I will sing of joy, and of sorrow; I will sing of the evil and the
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