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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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good which lies hidden from you. The little singing-bird flies all around, to the poor fisherman's hut, to the farmer's cottage, to all those who are far away from you and your Court. I love your heart more than your crown, though that has about it a brightness as of something holy. Now I will sing to you again ; but you must promise me one thing-----'
' Anything! ' said the Emperor, standing up in his Imperial robes, which he had himself put on, and fastening on his sword richly embossed with gold.
' One thing I beg of you! Don't tell anyone that you have a little bird who tells you everything. It will be much better not to ! ' Then the Nightingale flew away.
The servants came in to look at their dead Emperor.
The Emperor said, ' Good-morning!'
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