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I found on the road!'—and he showed them a dead crow which ho had picked up.
' Blockhead!' said his brothers, ' what are you going to do with it?'
' With the crow ? I shall give it to the Princess ! '
' Do so, certainly !' they said, laughing loudly and riding on.
' Slap ! bang ! here I am again ! Look what I have just found ) You don't find such things every day on the road! '
And the brothers turned round to sec what in the world he could have found.
'Blockhead!' said they,' that is an old wooden shoe without the top ! Are you going to send that, too, to the Princess ? '
' Of course I shall!' returned Blockhead-Hans; and the brothers laughed and rode on a good way.
'Slap! bang! here I am !' cried Blockhead-Hans;' better and better—it is really famous !'
' What have you found now ? ' asked the brothers.
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