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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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T HERE was once a Darning-needle who thought herself so fine that she believed she was an embroidery-needle. 'Take great care to hold me tight! ' said the Darning-needle to the Fingers who were holding her. ' Don't let me fall! If I once fall on the ground I shall never be found again, I am so fine ! '
' It is all right! ' said the Fingers, seizing her round the waist.
'Look, I am coming with my train! ' said the Darning-needle as she drew a long thread after her; but there was no knot at the end of the thread.
The Fingers were using the needle on the cook's shoe. The upper leather was unstitched and had to be sewn together.
'This is common work!' said the Darning-needle. 'I shall never get through it. I am breaking ! I am breaking ! ' And in fact she did break. ' Didn't I tell you so ! ' said the Darning-needle. 41 am too fine !'
'Now she is good for nothing ! ' said the Fingers ; but they had to hold her tight while the cook dropped some sealing-wax on the needle and it in the front of her dress.
'Now I am a breast-pin ! ' said the Darning-needle. ' I always knew I should be promoted. When one is something, one will become something !' And she laughed to herself; you can never see when a Darning-needle is laughing. Then she sat up as proudly as if she were in a State coach, and looked all round her,
' May I be allowed to ask if you arc gold? ' she said to her neighbour, the Fin. ' You have a very nice appearance, and a peculiar head; but it is too small! You must take pains to make it grow, for it is not everyone who has a head of sealing-wax.' And so saying the Darning-needle raised herself up so proudlythat she fell out of the dress, right into the sink which the cook was rinsing out.
'Now I am off on my travels!' said the Darning-needle. 'I do hope I sha'n't get lost! ' She did indeed get lost.
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