Illustrated Children's Book by Johnny Gruelle 1919 - online version

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Of course all the Bug Boys knew old Gran'pa Skeeterhawk— for it was he—so the three returned to the reed and sat down again to pass the time of day with Gran'pa.
Presently Willy Ladybug saw a strange fish in the water.
"What kind of a fish is that, Gran'pa Skeeterhawk?" he asked.
"That's a catfish!" Gran'pa replied. "Queer looking fish, the catfish are; they do most of their feeding at night since Omasko, the elk, flattened their heads."
"Dear me! Are their heads flat?" Johnny Cricket asked.
"Flat as a pancake!" Gran'pa Skeeterhawk replied, and then told them this story:
"I've heard my Gran'pa tell that once the catfish had heads that were shaped like sunfish," Gran'pa Skeeterhawk said, "and they thought that they were not only the most beautiful fish but the fiercest fighters in the world, although they would always swim away as fast as they could whenever anything came near them. You see, they really were not even a teeney, weeney bit brave.