Illustrated Children's Book by Johnny Gruelle 1919 - online version

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Thumbkins ran beneath the bushes and down the tiny path until he came to where Tommy Grasshopper sat upon a blade of grass swinging in the breeze.
"Have you seen Mrs. Thumbkins, Tommy Grasshopper?" Thumbkins called.
"I have been asleep," replied Tommy Grasshopper, "And I haven't seen her!"
"Oh dear! Oh dear!" cried Thumbkins. "She has not been home all day!"
"Perhaps she went over to see Granpa Tobackyworm!" suggested Tommy Grasshopper, as he flicked his wings and made the blade of grass swing up and down.
So Thumbkins thanked Tommy Grasshopper and ran over to Granpa Tobacyworm's house.
Granpa Tobackyworm was sitting upon a blade of grass, swinging in the breeze and smoking his old clay pipe.