Illustrated Children's Book by Johnny Gruelle 1919 - online version

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"Oh, Granpa Tobackyworm! Have you seen Mrs. Thumbkins? She has not been at home all day and I can not find her!" cried Thumbkins.
"Yes, I saw her early this morning going down the path with her acorn basket," said Granpa Tobackyworm as he blew a few rings of smoke in the air. "Perhaps she has gone to the Katydid grocery store to buy something," Granpa Tobackyworm added as he bounced up and down on his blade of grass.
So Thumbkins thanked Granpa Tobackyworm and went on down the tiny path.
"Hello, Thumbkins!" cried a cheery voice as Thumbkins ran under a bunch of flowers. "Where are you going in such a hurry?"
Thumbkins saw Billy Bumblebee sitting upon one of the flowers, swinging in the breeze.
"Mrs. Thumbkins has not been home all day!" said Thumbkins. "And I can not find her anywhere!"
"HUMMMM!" replied Billy Bumblebee. "Let me think! HUMMMM!" This was his way of thinking very hard.
"Perhaps she has gone over to see Granpa Tobackyworm, Mr Thumbkins!"
"No!" replied Thumbkins, "I went there, and also over to the Katydid store, but she was not there!"
"Suppose you climb upon my back, Thumbkins, and let me help you find her!" said Billy Bumblebee, as he buzzed his wings, making the flower sway up and down. So Thumbkins climbed up the flower stalk and took a seat upon Billy Bumblebee's back.