Illustrated Children's Book by Johnny Gruelle 1919 - online version

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All the other objects upon the shelf on the back of the stove held their breaths to think such an important object deigned to talk to them.
Then the children came romping into the kitchen. "Here they come!" cried the wishbone. "Now watch me make their wishes come true!"
And all the other objects scarcely breathed while they watched the children as they took the wishbone from the shelf. They could see how proud he looked as the children each took one of the wishbone's legs between their fingers.
"I wish that this kitchen were just filled with candy and cake, then we could eat all we wish to!" one of the children said. "And I wish for a million golden pennies piled high upon the kitchen table!" the other child cried.
"Now watch!" the wishbone winked to the objects upon the shelf behind the stove.