Illustrated Children's Book by Johnny Gruelle 1919 - online version

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The two children pulled upon the wishbone's legs. "Ouch!" he cried. There was a loud snap, and the wishbone broke in two.
"I get my Wish!" cried the child with the longest part of the broken wishbone, "The room will be filled with candy!"
"Watch the room fill with candy!" cried all the objects upon the shelf. "How wonderful it must be to be a wishbone!"
But the room did not fill with candy.
"That's another time the wish did not come true!" cried one child.
"They never come true!" cried the other child as the broken wishbone was tossed in the coal scuttle. "Wishbones are just ordinary bones and do not make wishes come true!" And the children ran outside to romp and play.
"How much better it is to be a useful object!" said the stove lifter.
"Yes indeed!" replied the match box. "And the more useful one is, usually, the less he brags about himself!"