Illustrated Children's Book by Johnny Gruelle 1919 - online version

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"I came upon Mrs. Tamytam sitting upon the toad stool," said Mrs. Teenyweeny, "and as I had just heard of this lovely home for rent, she came with me to see it and we decided to take it!"
"And will Tom Tom and Mrs. Teenyweeny live with us, Tum Tum?" Tim Tim asked.
"They have the little nook right across the hall!" Mrs. Tamytam replied. Upon hearing this Tom Tom and Tim Tim caught hold of hands and danced about, kicking up their heels with pleasure.
"Just wait until you see inside, Tom Tom and Tim Tim!" Mrs. Teenyweeny and Mrs. Tamytam cried, and then they led the way inside the trunk of the great blue-gray beech tree.
And after they had inspected Mrs. Tamytam's home, Mrs. Teenyweeny's Tom Tom and Tim Tim were as delighted with the new homes as their tiny wives had been, so Tim Tim and Tom Tom ran to their old homes and brought all their furniture and placed it about the large living rooms.