Illustrated Children's Book by Johnny Gruelle 1919 - online version

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Two mischievous little gnomes were walking along the beach one day and as they came to a pile of rocks they heard voices. One of the little gnomes put his finger to his lips for silence and peeped cautiously around the largest stone. There he saw a crab and a lobster sitting upon a bunch of sea-weed in the sunshine.
The other little gnome tip-toed up and joined his brother and when they had listened a while they winked at each other and quietly walked back to the beach. After whispering together a moment one of the little gnomes ran up the beach and over a sand dune.
The other gnome again crept up behind the large stone and listened to the lobster and the crab.
"Yes," said the crab, "I agree with you, Mr. Lobster! While our coats are just a plain green they are still quite beautiful!"
"Ah! You speak the truth, Friend Crab," the lobster replied, "Green is a lovely color and I am very glad that we are not purple!"
"I am very glad that we are green, too." the crab said, "Just suppose we were colored blue! I know I should not be able to stand it! Would you, Friend Lobster?'