Illustrated Children's Book by Johnny Gruelle 1919 - online version

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"No indeed!" the lobster cried, "Nor would I care to change to any other color, would you, Friend Crab!" "It is nice to be satisfied! Isn't it, Friend Lobster?"
"Yes! Especially when we are as satisfied as we are!" The lobster answered.
The little gnome listening behind the large stone winked at himself and smiled. He knew the lobster and the crab would give anything if they were of a different color, for he could tell by their conversation they were dissatisfied with their green coats.
Soon the other little gnome appeared over the sand dunes carrying a large kettle, and when he got to a spot on the beach where the crab and the lobster could see and hear him he began shouting in a sing-song manner: "Old clothes changed to new! Old clothes changed to new! Old clothes changed to new!"
"Pooh!" said the lobster. "Who is foolish enough to wish to change their natural coats?"
"Hmm!" said the crab as he sidled towards the beach. "Let's go over and talk with him, anyway, and ask him if anyone ever changes the color of their clothes. Not that I wish to change my lovely green coat, you understand, butó"