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she had put them on she ran in to Mrs. Smith and cried out: "Two shoes, ma'am, two shoes!" These words she re≠peated to every one she met, and thus it was she got the name of Goody Two Shoes
Little Margery had seen now good and wise Mr. Smith was, and thought it was because of his great learning ; and she wanted, above all things, to learn to read. At last she made up her mind to ask Mr. Smith to teach her when he had a moment to spare. He readily agreed to do this, and Margery read to him an hour every day, and spent much time with her books.
Then she laid out a plan for teaching others more ignorant than herself. She cut out of thin pieces of wood ten sets of large and small letters of the alphabet, and carried these with her when she went from house to house. When she came to Billy Wilson's she threw down the letters all in a heap, and Billy picked them out and sorted them in lines, thus:
a b c d efghijk, and so on until all the letters were in their right places.
From there Goody Two Shoes trotted off to another cottage, and here were several children waiting for her. As soon as the little girl came in they all crowded around her, and were eager to begin their lessons at once.
Then she threw the letters down and said to the boy next her, "What did you have for dinner to-day?" "Bread," answered the little boy. " Well, put down the first letter," said Goody Two Shoes. Then he put down B, and the next child R, and E, and the next A, and the next D, and there was the wole wordóBREAD.