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Once upon a time, a cat made acquaintance with a mouse, and they were together so much that a great love and friendship arose between them, for the mouse was a clever little thing. At last they agreed to marry and dwell together in the same house and be Vfery comfortable-One day during summer, the cat said to his wife, " My dear, we must take care to lay in a store for the winter, or we shall die with hunger; you, little Mousey, cannot venture to go about any where for fear you should be caught in a trap, but I had better go and see about it."
This good advice was followed, and in a few days Tom came safely back with a large jar full of beautiful meat covered with fat, which he had found. They had a long talk about a place in which to hide this treasure; but at last Tom said, " I don't know a better place than the church, no one ever thinks of robbing a church, so if we place the jar under the altar and take care not to touch it, then we shall have plenty to eat in winter."
So the jar was carried to the church and put in a place of safety, but it did not remain there long.
Tom kept thinking of the contents of the jar, and longing so much for a taste, that at last he invented an excuse to get away from home.
"Mousey," he said one day, " I have had an invitation from one of my cousins, to be present at the christening of her little son, who was born a few weeks ago ; he is a beautiful kitten she tells me, grey, with black stripes, and my cousin wishes me to be godfather."
" Oh, yes! go by all means/1 replied the mouse; "but when you are enjoying yourself think of me, and bring me a drop of the sweet, red wine if you can." Tom promised to do as she asked him, and went off as if he were going to see his cousin. But after all it was not true. Tom had no cousin, nor had he been asked to be godfather.
No, he went right off to the church and slipped under the table, where the jar of meat stood, and sat looking at it. He did