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" I understand now," said the little mouse quite gently; " I can see what has happened; a fine friend you have been to me to deceive me in this manner. When you told me you were going to stand godfather to the three little kittens, you never visited your relations at all; but, instead of that, you went to the church three times, and eat up all the meat in the jar. I know, now, what you meant by Top-off, Half-gone--------1
"Will you be quiet?" said the cat in a rage; "if you say another word I will eat you."
But the poor little mouse had got the other name on the tip of her tongue when Tom interrupted her, and she could not stop herself, out it came—"All-goneIT
Tom only wanted an excuse to eat up his poor little wife, so he sprang upon her the moment she uttered the word, broke her back with his paw, and ate her up.
You will see every day in this world, among human beings, the strong oppressing the weak, and if they complain, illusing them for doing so.
Near the opening to a large forest lived a wood-cutter with his wife. They had only one child, a little maiden of three years oid, and they were so very poor that they could scarcely find bread to eat from day to day.
One morning the woodcutter, full of sorrow, went into the wood to his work, and while he cut down trees with his axe, all at once a beautiful lady stood before him. She had a crown of glittering stars on her head, and diamonds sparkled in her hair. Then she spoke to the woodcutter,—" I am the good Fairy Tell True, and mother of all good children. You are poor and miserable : bring me your little child; I will be a mother to her, and provide for her with the greatest care." The woodcutter was very glad to give up his little girl to such a good fairy, so he called her to him, and gave her to the beautiful lady, who carried her up to a de­lightful palace in the clouds.