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So the Princess agreed to do what the lady's-maid advised.
First she went out to a brook that flowed through the gardens of the palace, and brought in a whole pailful of water, contain­ing tiny fish, which she placed in the room.
"Remember," said the lady's-maid, "when the Prince is asleep in bed, you must throw this pail of water over him; that will make him shiver and shake I am quite certain, and then he will be contented and happy."
So that night while Hans was in bed and asleep, the Princess drew down the bedclothes gently, and threw the cold water with the gudgeons all over him. The little fish wriggled about as they fell on the bed, and the Prince, waking suddenly, exclaimed, "Oh! dear, how I do shiver and shake, what can it be ?" Then seeing the Princess standing by his bed, he guessed what she had done.
"Dear wife," he said, "now I am satisfied, you have taught me to shiver and shake at last." and from that hour he lived happily and contented with his wife, for he had learnt to shiver and shake—but not to fear.
There was once an old goat who had seven young ones, and she loved them as much as any mother could love her children.
One day she wished to go into the forest and get food for them, so she assembled them round her and said, " Dear children, I am going out into the wood, don't open the door while I am away, for if the wolf should get into our hut, the wicked deceit­ful creature will eat you up, even to the very hairs; you may easily know him by his rough voice and his large black feet."
" Dear mother," said the young kids, w we will be very care­ful to keep out the wolf, you may leave us without the least anxiety." So the old goat made herself quite comfortable and started on her way.
She had not been absent long, when there came a knock at the door, and a voice cried, " Open the door, my dear children, I have brought something nice for each of you.''
But the young kids knew by the rough voice that it was the