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FAITHFUL JOHN.                           37
menced now. Oh ! what will become of us ?" Then he gave the young king some wine, and after a time he came to himself.
The first words he uttered were to ask whose beautiful image he had seen.
"That is 'The Princess of the Golden Dome/" answered faith­ful John.
" Oh !" he replied, " already is my love for her so great that if every leaf on every tree of the forest were a tongue, they could not express it. My life depends upon obtaining her hand. You are my faithful John, and you must help me."
The faithful servant reflected for a long time on the best way to find the young princess for his master, or even to get a glimpse of her countenance. At last he thought of a plan, and spoke to the king about it. " Everything surrounding the beautiful statue of the princess, said faithful John, is of gold ; the tables, the chairs, the dishes, the cups, the goblets, and even the furniture. In the castle you have five tons of golden treasures. All these you must place in the hands of the goldsmith to be formed into various and beautiful articles, such as vases and curious ornaments in the forms of birds, beasts, and wild animals. As soon as these are ready, we will set out on our travels and seek our fortunes."
On hearing this the king summoned all the goldsmiths in his kingdom, and desired them to work night and day to get the ar­ticles ready as quickly as possible.                                             
The goldsmiths worked day and night to get these beautiful things finished, and faithful John having engaged a ship, they were carried on board and stowed away carefully. The king and his faithful servant both arrayed themselves in the dress of a mer­chant that they might not be recognised. As soon as everything was ready they started, and after a long and prosperous voyage, reached the city where " The Princess of the Golden Dome" dwelt.
Faithful John left the king cm board, and landed by himself, carrying with him in his pocket several beautiful little ornaments of gold. " Very likely I shall bring the princess back with me to visit you on board ship/* he said, before he went. " Have the golden vases placed where they can be seen, and let the ship be dressed with flags and banners as if for a grand fete/* The young king promised obedience, and then faithful John went ashore and found his way to the castle in which the princess lived.