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How surprised he was to see the smiling face of Red Riding Hood peep out at the first snip; and as he cut further, she sprang out, exclaiming, "Oh, I have been so frightened; it was dreadfully-dark in the wolfs stomach !"
Then they helped out the old grandmother, who was also un­hurt and living, but she could scarcely breathe. The wolf awoke too late to save his own life; he sank back on the bed and died, and the hunter had his skin. After this they all sat down very contentedly, and drank the wine and ate the cake which Red Riding Hood had brought; and then the hunter took the little girl safely home.
" Ah," she thought, " I will never go out of my way to run in the wood again when my mother has forbidden me."
It is related that once after this, when Little Red Riding Hood was going again to her old grandmother with some of the nice things her mother had made, another wolf spoke to her, and wanted to entice her out of the way.
But Red Riding Hood was on her guard, and went straightfor­ward without stopping till she came to her grandmother's house.
" Oh, grandmother," she said, " I met a wolf, who wished me ' good day f but he looked at me with such wicked eyes, that if I had not been in the street I am sure he would have eaten me up,"
"Perhaps he will come here," said the grandmother, " so we will lock the door and keep him out."
Sure enough, soon after the wolf came to the door and knocked, crying, " Open the door, grandmother; I am Red Riding Hood, and I have brought you some cake and wine." But all remained silent, and the door was not opened.
Then the sly old thief prowled round the house, and at last sprang on the roof to wait till Red Riding Hood went home in the evening that he might seize her in the dark and devour her.
But the grandmother knew what was in his mind. Now there stood near the house a large stone trough, and she said to the child, "Red Riding Hood, I cooked a large sausage yesterday; you can empty the water in which it was cooked into the stone trough."
Red Riding Hood drew off the water from the copper, and emptied it into the trough until it was quite full, and the smell of the sau-