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When the king heard this, he started up, and asked who they were.
Then said the queen, " I am thy wife, and this is thy son."
The king looked at her with surprise. "Your face and your voice are the same," he said, " but my wife had silver hands, and yours are natural."
" My hands have mercifully been allowed to grow again," she replied; and, as he still doubted, the maiden in white entered the room, carrying the silver hands, which she showed to the king.
Then he saw at once that this was, indeed, his dear lost wife, and his own little son j and he embraced them, full of joy, ex­claiming, " Now has a heavy stone fallen from my heart."
The maiden prepared a dinner for them, of which they all partook together; and after a kind farewell, the king started with his wife and child to return home to the castle, where his mother and all the household received them wTith great joy.
A second marriage feast was prepared, and the happiness of their latter days made amends for all they had suffered through the wicked demon, who had caused them so much pain and trouble.
In Switzerland, some years ago, lived an old count. He had an only son, whose intellect was so inferior that he seemed unable to learn anything.
One day his father said to him, " My son, I have done every­thing I can for you, but your head can retain nothing, do what I will. I must send ycu away to an excellent master, who shall try what he can do with you."
So the youth departed to a distant city, where he remained with the master a whole year. At the end of that time he returned home, and his father said to him, "Well, my son, what have you learnt ?"
" Father, I have learnt to understand what the dog says when he barks," answered he.
" Heaven pity you !" cried the father; " is that all the knowledge you have gained ? Then I must send you to another master."