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pair of shoes. So one evening he cut out the shoes from this piece of leather, and laid them in readiness to begin work early the next morning. He had a clear conscience, so he lay down on his bed and slept in peace.
In the morning he rose and went to his work, but how surprised he was to find the shoes lying on the table beautifully made and quite finished. In his wonderment, he knew not what to say or even think. He took the shoes in his hand, and examined them inside and out, but there was not a false stitch in either of them, they
( were beautifully made, indeed, quite a masterpiece of workmanship. The shoemaker placed them in his window, and very soon after a customer came in who was so pleased with them, that he offered to purchase them at more than the usual price. The shoemaker could, therefore, with this money buy leather enough to make two pairs of shoes. He cut out and prepared the leather in the evening, that he might begin to work next morning early with fresh energy. But he had no need to begin, for on entering his workshop there stood two pairs of shoes beautifully finished and ready for sale. He had no lack of customers now, for two came in and paid such a good price for the two pairs that he had money enough to buy leather for four pairs. This he cut into four pairs of shoes, which he laid ready for work the next morning j but on coming down, as usual, there were the shoes quite finished and ready for sale. And so it went on—what he cut out at night was always completed by the morning, till he had nothing to do but buy the leather and cut out shoes. In fact, so much money came pouring in, that the poor shoemaker soon overcame all his difficulties, and became, as he had formerly been, a wealthy tradesman.
Now it happened one evening, not long before Christmas, that after the shoemaker had been cutting out several pairs of shoes, instead of going to bed, he said, " My dear, I should like to find out who these good creatures are who help us every night in this way. Suppose we sit up and watch ?"
The wife was overjoyed at the thought; and leaving the candle burning, they hid themselves in a corner of the room behind their clothes, which hung there, and watched with great attention. As the clock struck twelve, there came into the room two pretty little fairies, without a morsel of clothes to cover them; and seating themselves on the shoemaker's table, they took up the leather