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There was once a poor servant-maid whose neatness and industry made her quite a favourite with her master and mistress. She swept and dusted and kept the house in such beautiful order that everybody said she must have help from the fairies.
One morning while she was busy at her work, she found a letter on the doorstep, and not being able to read the address, she placed her broom in a corner and carried the letter to her master. She was greatly surprised to find that it was addressed to herself, and that it contained an invitation for her to attend at the christening of one of the pixie's children. She knew that these pixies were good fairies, who are always kind to industrious human beings, yet she was half afraid to go.
At last, after much talk with her master and mistress, who said that they could not dare to allow her to refuse, she consented to go. No sooner had she done so than three of these good little people arrived and carried her away with them to a mountain, where the mother and the baby lived.
As soon as they arrived, the mountain opened to receive them and closed behind them after they had entered. What a beautiful place it was, all glittering with pearls and precious stones, very tiny, but so wonderfully neat and elegant that it cannot be described. The little lady was lying on a beautiful bed made of shining ebony with pearl ornaments ; the counterpane was of embroidered gold. The baby's cradle of carved ivory and the font of burnished gold.
The maiden was at first too much astonished to speak, bu; they were kind and encouraging to her, and she stood godmothe* to the baby. After the ceremony was over she asked the fairies to take her home, but they begged her to remain for three days, and she consented, for they were all so kind and loving to her that she knew not how to refuse. These three days were passed in the most delightful manner, but they came to an end, and then she requested to be taken home, so they stuffed her pockets full of money, and sent her home through the mountain entrance