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wife, and soon learned to love her dearly. Just before the wedding day he asked his bride if she wished for any favour to be granted her.
" Yes," she replied. " I have three cousins who have been very kind to me, and I should not like to forget them in the midst of mj good fortune. Will you permit me to invite them to the wedding, and to give them seats at our table ?"
The queen and the prince both replied that they could have no reason to object. So the three strange women were invited. On the wedding day they came in great pomp and beautifully dressed, but this could not conceal their defects.
The bride gave them a most kind reception, saying, " Welcome, dear cousins."
But the bridegroom was surprised, and he exclaimed, "Ah, how­ever came you to have such ugly acquaintances ?" Then he went up to them, and addressing the first, he asked, " How did it happen that you have such a broad foot ?"
"From turning the spinning-wheel." she replied.
He turned away, and inquired of the second the cause of her overhanging lip.
" From moistening the thread with my lips," was the reply.
" And your thumb," he asked of the third, "what makes it such a size ?"
" From drawing and twisting the thread," she answered.
"Then," said the bridegroom, "if this is the consequences of turning the spinning-wheel, my beautiful bride shall never touch it again with her hands or feet, or the thread with her lips, as long as she lives."
So the young maiden was set free from the work she disliked, because she remembered her promise, and was not ashamed to own those who had helped her in her trouble.
A miller once had a beautiful daughter, and as soon as she was grown up, his great wish was to see her well married and happy. So he decided that if a suitable wooer came whom his daughter could love," he would give his consent.