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*Alas, poor child, he does dwell here, but this is a murderer's den.'"
And then she went on to relate how the old woman had hidden her behind a cask, and the horrors she had seen. At last, after describing the manner in which one of the robbers had chopped off the poor girl's finger because he could not get at the ing, she said : "The finger with the ring flew up as he chopped, and fell behind the cask right into my lap. And there is the finger and the ring."
At these words she placed it on the table, rose up, and pointed it out to every one present. The robber bridegroom, who during this description had been gradually becoming pale as death, sprung up and would have fled, but the guests held him fast and took him at once before the justices. And very soon the whole gang were arrested, and sentence of death passed upon them for their shame­ful deeds.
A cock and hen determined one day to go for a little trip into the country, to visit their old master, Dr. Korbes; so they built a very pretty carriage, which had four red wheels, and harnessed to it four mice. Then they seated themselves in it and drove away together.
They had not travelled far when they met a cat, who said to them, " Where are you going ?"
The hen replied, " We are going to see Dr. Korbes, our old master."
" Take me with you," said the cat.
" With all my heart," she replied ; " but you must get up behind, for if you sit in front you will fall:
" Eight of us can ride Outside and inside. Little red wheels roll, Little white mice pull Till we reach Dr. Korbes* house."
Then there came by a millstone, then an egg, after that a duck,