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and a darning needle, and at last a pin, who were allowed seats in the carriage, and they all drove away together. When they arrived at Dr. Korbes' house, he was not at home, but they made themselves quite comfortable. The mice drew the little carriage into the barn. The cock and hen flew to a perch, the cat seated herself in the fireplace, the duck waddled to the spring/while the egg rolled itself up in the towel The darning-needle stuck point upwards in the chair cushion, and the pin, jumping on the bed, fixed itself in the pillow, while the millstone placed itself over the entrance door.
Dr. Korbes came home in a short time after this, and as his servant was out, he went into the kitchen to light the fire ; but while attempting to do this, the cat threw a quantity of ashes into his face. He ran quickly to the spring to wash them, and the duck, who was swimming about, splashed so much water over him that he was obliged to run into the house for his towel. But as he took it up, the egg rolled over his face, broke, and filling his eyes, stuck them together like glue. After this he Avished to rest, but as he seated himself in his arm-chair the darning-needle ran into him. Up he jumped in a rage, and threw himself on his bed, but this was quite as bad, for no sooner did he lay his head on the pillow, than the pin scratched his face. At this last attack he cried out in great trouble, and declared that the things must all have been bewitched, and that he would run away. But as he opened the front door to go out, down fell the millstone on his head and killed him. This Dr. Korbes must really have been a very wicked, or a very injured man.
A man once had so many children that all his friends had been asked to become sponsors, so when another child was born he had no one to ask, and knew not what to do.
One night when he had laid himself down to sleep in great trouble, he had a wonderful dream. He dreamed that a voice said to him, " Go out early to-morrow morning, and the first person you meet, ask him to be godfather." On awaking, he determined