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to her, and he found that she was, as he thought, a king's daughter. Soon after the marriage was celebrated, and they lived happily tUl their death.
There was once a king's son who was betrothed to a maiden, and he loved his bride very much. One day, as they were sitting very happily together, there came information that his father lay ill and dying, and wished to see him for the last time before his death. " I must go and leave you, darling," said the king's son, "and directly too, for I have a long journey to take; but I will give you this ring as a memory token, and when I am king I will come and fetch you home."
Then he rode away, and when he reached the castle, he found his father dying and his end very near. But he was able to speak, and said: " Dearest son, I have sent for you because I want you to promise to do as I wish about your marriage."
And then he named to him a king's daughter who was well known, and asked him to take her as his wife. The son was so sad at these words that he hardly knew at first what to say, still he could not refuse his dying father, so he replied: " Dear father, whatever your will is shall be done."
Then the king closed his eyes and died. As soon as the son became king, and the mourning was over, he remembered that he must keep the promise which he had given to his father- He sent therefore to the king's daughter, and as she was willing to be his bride, they were betrothed to each other.
The first bride very soon heard of what he had done, and she grieved so bitterly over her lover's unfaithfulness that her life seemed passing away. At last, her father, who was also a king, said to her: " Dearest child, why are you so sad ? If any thing you wish can be done, I will do it forvyoa."
She roused herself in a moment, and said: " Dear father, I should so like to have as companions eleven maidens exactly like myself in countenance, shape, and size."
Her father replied: " As soon as possible your wish shall be fulfilled"