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would leave the castle of her own free will; but the cat, whose thirst had become still greater, merely answered, " Mew—mew."
The page, who did not in the least understand, carried the answer to the king.
"Now," said the council, "we must use force." So the cannon were brought out, and the first shot fired into the room where the cat was sitting. In a great fright, she flew through the window and made her escape. The besiegers, however, did not know she was gone, and continued to fire upon the castle till it was com pletely razed to the ground.
A fox was one day speaking to a wolf of the great strength of human beings, especially men. "No animal can stand against them," he said, "unless he employs craft and cunning."
"Then," said the wolf, "I only wish I could see a man. I know he should not escape me ; I would never let him go free."
"I can help you to obtain your wish/' said the fox. " If you come to me early to-morrow morning, I will show you a man."
The wolf took care to be early enough, and the fox led him to a hedge through which he could see the road, and where the fox knew huntsmen would pass during the day.
First came by an old pensioner.
" Is that a man ?" asked the wolf.
" No," answered the fox ; " not now: he was once."
Then a little child passed, who was going to school.
" Is that a man ?" he asked, again.
"No, not yet," said the fox, "but he will be one by-and-by.w
At last a hunter appeared, with his double-barrelled gun on his shoulder, and his hunting-knife by his side.
" There !" cried the fox, " see, there comes a man at last. I will leave him to you to manage, but I shall run back to my hole."
The wolf rushed out upon the man at once, but the hunter was ready for him, although when he saw him he said to himself, " What a pity my gun is not loaded with ball."
However, he fired the small-shot in the animal's face as he