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" Oh, that will be no trouble to me," cried the other, and taking it on his shoulder they went away together. After a while, they came to a wood, and Brother Frolick, who began to feel tired and hungry, for the lamb was heavy, proposed that they should stop and rest. "See," he said, "this is a beautiful place for us to cook the lamb and eat it."
"It's all the same to me," replied the fairy, "but ' can have nothing to do with the cooking; you must do that, if you have a kettle, and I will go away for a little while till it is ready. You must not, however, eat any till I come back; I will be here quite in time."
" Go along," said Brother Frolick, " I understand how to cook, and I will soon have dinner ready."
Then the fairy went away, and Brother Frolick slaughtered the lamb, lighted a fire, and threw some of the flesh into the kettle to boil. The meat was quite ready, however, before the fairy returned, and Brother Frolick became so impatient, that he took out of the kettle a part of the flesh, in which was the heart. " The heart is the best of all," he said, tasting it, and finding it very good he ate it all.
At last his comrade returned and said: " You may eat all the lamb yourself, I only want the heart, so just give it me."
Then Brother Frolick took a knife and fork and began searching amongst the pieces of meat for the heart, which, of course, he could not find. Then he said pertly, " It is not there."
" Then where can it be ?" said the fairy.
" I do not know," said Brother Frolick; " but see," he added, "why, what a couple of fools we are, searching for a lamb's heart; of course there is not one to be found, for a lamb has no heart."
" Ah," said the other, "that is news; every animal has a heart, why should not a lamb ?"
" No, certainly, brother," he said, "a lamb has no heart; reflect a little, and you will be convinced that it really has none."
" Well, certainly, it is quite clear that there is no heart to be found in this one, and as I do not want any other part, you may eat it all yourself."
" I cannot eat it all," replied Brother Frolick, "so what is left I will put into my knapsack."
When this was done, the two started to continue their journey,