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and Brother Peter, as the fairy called himself, caused a large quantity of water to rise on the road just across where they had to pass. Said Brother Peter, " You go first."
" No," answered the other, " I would rather see you across ff for he thought, " if the water is very deep, I won't go at all."
So Brother Peter stepped over, and the water only came up to his knees. His comrade prepared to follow, but he had not gone far when the water came up to his neck. " Brother, help me," he cried.
" Will you confess, then, that you ate the lamb's heart ?" he replied.
" No," he said, " I did not eat it."
Immediately the water became deeper, and flowed to his mouth. 11 Help ! help me, brother," he cried.
" Will you confess now that you have eaten the lamb's heart ?" cried Brother Peter.
" No," he replied, " I did not eat it."
Now the fairy did not intend to drown him, so he allowed the water to subside, and Brother Frolick crossed over safely. They travelled after this till they reached a foreign land, and in the chief city heard that the king's daughter was very ill, and not expected to live.
" Holloa! brother," said the soldier, " that is a good chance for us ; if you cure her, we shall never know want again."
But Brother Peter did not hurry himself, and when his comrade begged him to put his best foot foremost, he went slower than ever. Brother Frolick pushed him and dragged him on, but all to no purpose, and at last they heard that the king's daughter was dead. "There now," cried Brother Frolick, " we have lost our chance, all through your sleepy walking."
M Be quiet, now," said Brother Peter; " I can not only cure the sick, but I can restore the dead to life."
"If that is the case," replied his comrade, "you may be sure that the king will be ready to give us the half of his kingdom for joy."
They therefore went to the king's castle, and found them all in great grief. But Brother Peter said to the king : " Do not mourn, I can restore the princess to life."
He and his comrade were at once led to her room, and telling