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130 Fairy Stories Adapted & Arranged for young people

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" I am awake, but not lost. I appear as if I had been in a dream.
I must have been bewitched by the strange king's daughter to
make me forget thee, my dearest; but the infatuation has been
taken from me just in time."
Then they both left the castle secretly in the night, for the prince was afraid of the new bride's father, who was a wizard.
Fortunately they found the griffin, who had wings like a bird, and seating themselves on his back, he carried them over the Red Sea. When they reached half way, she threw the nut into the water, and immediately a great nut-tree grew up, on which the griffin rested and afterwards carried them safely home to her father's house. Here she found her little child, who had grown tall and beautiful, and from this time they were free from all un-happiness to the end of their lives.
There was once a young fellow who enlisted as a soldier; he was brave and courageous, and always foremost in the thick of the battle. As long as the war continued he got on very well; but when peace was proclaimed, he received his discharge, and the captain told him he might go as soon as he pleased.
He had, however, no home to go to, for his parents were dead; so at last he thought he would try his brothers, and ask them to give him a home till war broke out again.
But his brothers were hard-hearted, and said, "What could we do with you here ? You are not fit to help us, so you had better try to provide for yourself."
The soldier had nothing of his own but his gun, so he placed it on his shoulder, and went out into the world to seek for a living.
After walking some distance, he came to a heath, on which only a few trees were to be seen, and these grew in a circle. So, feeling very sorrowful, he sat down under the trees, and began to reflect upon his fate. "I have no money," he said to himself; "I have never learnt anything but soldiering, and now peace is proclaimed, I am not wanted. I can see that there is nothing beiore me but starvation."