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advised him to come to her at the golden castle of Stromberg; for she knew certainly that her freedom could only be obtained through him. After this, she seated herself in her carriage and drove away to the golden castle of Stromberg.
When the man awoke and found that he had been sleeping, he was deeply grieved, and said, " Certainly now it is all over, and I have not set her free." Then his eyes fell on the things that lay near him, and he took up and read the letter, which stated what she expected him to do.
He rose immediately and left the garden; but much as he wished to go to the golden castle, he could not do so, as the way was unknown to him. The first thing, however, was to get out of the wood; but this was not easy, for after wandering for fourteen days, he could find no outlet. Oneeveningpie felt so tired that he laid himself down in the Fcopse and slept. Another day he went on farther and again lay down to rest, but he heard such crying and howling this time that he could not sleep.
After a while he saw the reflection of a light, and going towards the spot at which it appeared, he came in front of a house that appeared small, because before it stood a great giant. Then thought he to himself, " If I go in and the giant gets a glimpse of me, my life may not be safe." However, he did ven­ture to show himself.
As soon as the giant saw him he said, " Is it wise for you to come here ? I have eaten nothing for some time, and I shall most likely swallow you for my supper."
" Leave my life alone," said the man ; "I should not willingly allow myself to be swallowed, but if you are hungry I have quite enough with me to satisfy your appetite."
" If that is true," replied the giant, " I will leave you in peace \ I don't want to eat you if there is enough without it."
So they went in and seated themselves at a table, and the man brought out bread, and meat, and wine, and placed them before the giant.
" This pleases me well," he said, and ate away to his heart's content.
After he had finished, the man said to him, "Could you tell me which road I am to take to find the golden castle of Stromberg?"
The giant replied, " I will fetch my map, in which all the towns,