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stupid goose that ever waddled about on this earth, but I pity you. However, I am going again into the country for three days, and if I find any one during that time as silly as you are, then you will escape; but if I do not, then you shall receive your well-deserved reward without mercy."
Then he went out into the high road, seated himself on a stone, and waited for something to help him in his search. Presently he saw a waggon coming along, in which sat a woman on a truss of straw, but near enough to guide the oxen who drew it. " Ah," thought the man, " here is what I seek; I will try her." He sprang up as he spoke, and ran before the waggon, here and there, as if he was undecided which way to go.
"What do you want grandfather?" said the woman. "I do not know you ; where do you come from ?"
" I have fallen from heaven," he replied, "and have no idea how to get back again; can you take me there ?"
"No," said the woman ; "I do not know the way; but as you have come from heaven, can you tell me how my husband is going on. He has been there this three years; you must have seen him."
" I have seen him, certainly," replied the man ; " but it is not every man that is contented, even there. Your husband has to watch the sheep, and the dear animals give him plenty of work. They run from the mountains, and wander into the wilderness, and he has to run after them and bring them home. In conse­quence of this, his clothes are torn to rags, and are falling off his back, and there are no tailors there; they are not admitted, as you know we are told in the story."
" Now, who would have thought of that ?" cried the wife; " but stay, I'll tell you what 1*11 do,—I'll go and fetch my husband's Sunday coat which hangs in the wardrobe, then he will look re­spectable; that is, if you will be good enough to take it."
" No use at all," said the farmer ; "no one can venture to take clothes to heaven, they are always taken away at the door."
" Well, then," cried the woman, " I sold yesterday my beautiful meadow, and a fine lot of money I got for it. I will send him that. If you stick a purse of money in your pocket, no one will notice it as you go in."
" If nothing else can be done," said the man evasively, "thep I will oblige you in this matter,"